As everybody knows in this field, Iran has one of the best and highest bitumen qualities among other countries who own oil sources in globe. The nature of Iranís bitumen is highest and unique. We are one of the exporters of Bitumen who provide and supply this material according to N.I.O.C. specification and the only producer of special bitumen which are used in several aspects of technological products made from, such as MCs: MC 70- MC 120 and MC 250. In the following, you are able to learn more about the quality levels of our natural bitumen:
Bitumen Specifications:
Grade 85-100 60-70
Specific Gravity at 15.6 C 1.03 1.04
Flash Point (min) C 230 240
Softening Point (R&B) C 44-52 49-58
Ductility at 25 C (CM) Min 100 100
Solubility in CC 14%wt (Min) 99.0 99.0
Loss on heating %wt Max (5 hours, 163c) 0.3 0.5
Penetration of reside after loss on heating    
% of the original Value (Min) 75 75



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