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Trade Financing and Banking Solution
Having years of experiences in banking and financing under the sanctions and embargoe emposed on Iranian companies has made our company, Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co. as a reliable advisor in the fileds of banking and financing in Iran as well as International area. Because of the related risks in investments in such countries who are under special situation in the globe, the new economy conditions need new solution based on the facts happened in current situation.
At the time, our company with high reputed financer in the globe is in financial program to provide the best possible services to the clients in overseas, specially in Iran.

Trade Financing: 
For the factories who has a good banking records, we have provided a 180 days up to 720 days credit line in Lunlun Bnak in China through letter of credt with the lowest banking interest rates. So, please feel free to contact with us for taking such a service.





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