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Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co., an Iranian Base International Company has achieved what some reviewers call “phenomenal Result” in creation of incredible services awarding to the clients in international markets. Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co. is a joint venture company with one of the biggest Iron Ore Mines in centre of Persian Region. The previous records and experiences in Export of Iron Ore has made this company to one of the reliable companies in Iran. Specific focus on Iron Ore and having strong financial power in this filed, considering everyday fluctuation in prices in current market has made us a special exception in the market.

Gaining a good reputation among mine owners in private sector and good connection in governmental mines is one of the most considerable advantageous of Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh among other competitors. During its impressive activity by professional teams, the company has gained great reputation and quickly becoming one of the most reputable suppliers in Iran and Middle East.

The company’s main activities are focused on Oil Industries and Iron Ore as Mine Owner and export license holder in Iron Ore field. The central vision of Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh (BTH) business model has been developing a strong strategic and long term business relationship with clients- End Users and respectful Middle Trading Companies- based on mutual confidence and trust and fruitful results.

The company has been well-funded and financially stable as implementation of a project needs a stable finance strategy and considerable capital. Our resources coupled with knowledge of the global market and experiences, have given us the ability to be very proactive in the marketplace and adjust quickly to any dynamic market.


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