Our international Company has created good connections through the world and now we have some offices in different countries:

Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co.

Iran Office:  BTH Co./
                    Address: No.11, Parandeh, Parvaneh, Shahid Gomnam Ave. Tehran, Iran
                    Cell: +98- 912- 3241688
Taiwan: Thisbe Corp.
                    Address: No. 5, Hsin Yi Rd. Sec.5, Taipei, Taiwan
                    Tel.: +886- 2- 27222200
                    Fax: +886- 2- 27299563
Austria: Petro Net
                    Address: Sudbahnweg 69, 9201 Krumpendorf AM Weeerthersee, Austria
                    Tel.: +43- 676- 907 2 908
                    Fax: +43- 4229- 40 255             
E- mail Addresses:

                    Head Quarter E- Mail: info@behyaran.com
                    Oil Department Asia, Africa and Oceania Dept.: E- Mail: oil@behyaran.com
                    Oil Department Europe Dept.: E- Mail: oil-europe@behyaran.com
                    Oil Department America Dept.: E- Mail: oil-amercia@behyaran.com
                    Bitumen Department (Ms. Sharon White): E- Mail: bitumen@behyaran.com 
                    Finance Department (Mr. Mohsen Rahnama): E- Mail: finance@behyaran.com 
                    Saffron Department: E- Mail: saffron@behyaran.com




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