SN 500/I SN 500/S SN 150

Following the growing up the consumption of all types of oils and lubricants, demand for base oil is increasing day by day; in the mean time shaping thought of recycling of base oils is not a new idea to turn back burned engine oils to a consumable base oil as raw material for producing all types of lubricant; but the difference between our method and previous ones is better quality for better results. We are presenting one of the highest quality of base oils named SAE 50 equal to SN 700.

Recycled SN 700 (SAE 50)
Specification Measure
  Kinematic Viscosity 100 C           10.5- 12.5
  Kinematic Viscosity 40 C    90
  Density @ 20 C   0.887
  Viscosity Index 90 (Min)- 110 (Max)
  Flash Point 230 Min
  Pour Point -3 Max
  Color 2.5- 3
SN 500/I SN 500/S SN 150



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